How to Claim Prize Bond


  • You should have won a prize bond in the last six years. Winning bond older than 6 years cannot be claimed.
  • The prize bond should not already be claimed on that draw date. One prize bond can win on multiple draw dates and can be claimed multiple times. In this case you will have to fill the claim form multiple times.
  • Stamped issue date on your prize bond should be at least two months less than the draw date.
  • Only those prize bonds qualify for prize money, which have been purchased two months prior to their respective draw.

How to Claim Prize Bond/Process

  • Prize money upto Rs 1250/- can be claimed National Savings Center, branches of authorized scheduled banks or branches of State Bank of Pakistan. Prize money exceeding Rs.1250/- can be claimed only from the branches of State Bank of Pakistan.
  • To claim a prize bond you need to fill one of the four forms, will be described later.
  • You will also need photocopy of your CNIC (Computerised Identity Card شناختی کارڈ), copy of the prize bond. The bond copy and original should be signed on back side. The photo copy length and width should be exactly sam as that of original, otherwise the staff might not accept.
  • You will have to wait for your turn sad submit the documents. Original Prize Bond, CNIC copy, Prize Bond Copy, Filled Form. After proper verification by the staff you will be handed over the original prize bond/its amount and your winning amount. When winning amount is larger than Rs 18,500/- the settlement of winning amount will take additional days. Below are the details:
Amount No. of days
Upto Rs.18,500/ - Same Day
Upto Rs.185,000/ - 10 Working Days
Upto Rs. 500,000/ - 15 Working Days
Above Rs. 500,000/ - 20 Working Days
  • Prize bonds winning prize money below Rs. 10,000/ - are returned, in case of prize  money Rs. 10,000/ - and above are retained and their face value i s paid to the claimant.
  • Prize bond winning amount is subject to 15% withholding tax.

Forms for Claiming Winning Prize Bonds

There are four types of forms

  1. PB-1 Form for payment of prizes not exceeding Rs.1,000/- from Centres. You might only need this form for claiming 3rd Prize of Rs 100 prize bond.
  2. PB-23A Form for payment of prizes exceeding Rs.10,000/- from SBP.
  3. PB-23B Form for payment of prizes not exceeding Rs.10,000/- from SBP (same PDO). PDO stands for Public Debt Offices. PDO deals with securities issued by Government of Pakistan from time to time to raise debts enacted by Public Debt Act, 1944. Whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to Government Securities issued by the Government
  4. PB-23C Form for payment of prizes not exceeding Rs.10,000/- from SBP (other PDO).

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