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This website has been created to facilitate national savings prize bond owners and provide them quality service free of charge.

What is National Savings?

National Savings Organization is a government owned organization. It comes under Ministry of Finance. After establishment of Pakistan the organization was named "Pakistan Savings Central Bureau".

National Savings Organization has different investment schemes, most popular being the prize bond scheme. Several bond types are available ranging from Rs 200/- to Rs 40,000/- to attract users. National savings conducts lucky draws twice a month in different cities of Pakistan. You can view the schedule here to find about exact dates for the upcoming lucky draws.

How is this Website Useful?

You dont need to maintin a list of your prize bonds and check them on each lucky draw, you can register on our website and add bonds to your account. We will handle rest from there. No need to check the numbers again and again, whenever you win a prize bond we will notify you via an email. You can also login and check for winning bonds whenever you like. This service is absolutely free. Zero paper work guaranteed!

To find out more on registration click here. To view paid packages and their comparison click here.

Available Lucky Draws

Here is a list of available lucky draws
View Details1500 Rs/-Aug 17, 15
View Details7500 Rs/-Aug 03, 15
View Details25000 Rs/-Aug 03, 15
View Details750 Rs/-Jul 15, 15
View Details15000 Rs/-Jul 02, 15
View Details200 Rs/-Jun 15, 15
View Details40000 Rs/-Jun 01, 15
View Details1500 Rs/-May 15, 15
View Details7500 Rs/-May 04, 15
View Details25000 Rs/-May 04, 15
View Details750 Rs/-Apr 15, 15
View Details15000 Rs/-Apr 01, 15
View Details200 Rs/-Mar 16, 15
View Details40000 Rs/-Mar 02, 15
View Details1500 Rs/-Feb 16, 15
View Details7500 Rs/-Feb 02, 15
View Details25000 Rs/-Feb 02, 15
View Details750 Rs/-Jan 15, 15
View Details15000 Rs/-Jan 02, 15
View Details200 Rs/-Dec 15, 14

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